Hastings Eco Project

7Retrofitting in the South East: Hastings Eco Projects

A talk at Phoenix Brighton
10–14 Waterloo Place
Brighton BN2 9NB

The housing market is very stagnant at the moment. Because of this people are looking to improve their houses rather than move. Add to this the ever increasing energy bills and we can start looking at retrofitting our houses as a realistic and cost effective way of investing money in the future and reducing our carbon footprints.

This short introduction by Jim Murray of South Coast College to retrofitting is designed to give an idea of how it could work for your house and explores a whole house approach, energy efficiency measures for solid walls, improved heating systems and controls and funding options to pay for the work. South East College is a partner in the ECOFab 2 project.

construction student


  • + Condensing boiler
  • + Draughtproofing
  • + Flue gas heat recovery
  • + Ground floor insulation
  • + Heating controls
  • + Heat recovery ventilation
  • + High performance glazing
  • + LED lighting
  • + Loft insulation
  • + Solid wall insulation (internal and external)
rammed earth