5b Preston Park Avenue

5b Preston Park Avenue

16Yew Tree House
5b Preston Park Avenue
Brighton BN1 6HJ

This house won the Federation of Master Builders Energy Efficiency Award 2011 as an 'Inspiring eco home'.

Mick and Sue Paskins had this new house designed by award winning eco architects ZED Factory. It is an outstanding exemplar of urban low energy design. The house is orientated to maximise the amount of sun it receives. High levels of insulation and heavyweight internal materials store the sun’s energy. The house is very airtight and has a ventilation system with heat recovery to provide fresh air in winter.

Hot water is mostly supplied through a solar thermal array. A condensing gas boiler can top up hot water during winter and the woodburning stove provides any additional heating required. Rainwater is harvested for flushing toilets and watering vegetables and fruit. The house is clad in Sweet Chestnut, which needs no treatment to preserve it and is grown in Sussex. There is a green sedum roof to attract beneficial insects and other wildlife. A 3.6kWp Photovoltaic array has been added to the house.

spiral staircase


  • + Airtight construction
  • + Condensing boiler
  • + Green roof
  • + High performance glazing
  • + Low energy LED lighting
  • + Low water use toilets & shower
  • + Mechanical ventilation with heat recovery
  • + Passive solar design
  • + Photovoltaic array
  • + Rainwater harvesting
  • + Sun pipe
  • + Solar thermal panels
  • + Woodburning stove

Further information

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Case study (pdf)