51 Gardener Street

151 Gardener Street
Portslade BN41 1SX

Erin, Katie and their baby share this hard to heat Victorian terraced house. Because of the baby, temperatures have been kept high making heating costly.

The recent Green Deal assessment revealed that although the house had part double glazing, in other respects it was very inefficient in its use of energy.

This has now been remedied, with initial work focussing on the basics, such as upgrading loft insulation to 300mm, installing an efficient condensing boiler with flue gas heat recovery and LED lighting. Equally importantly, programmable heating controls, TRVs and a room thermostat have been fitted to allow heating to be fine tuned to their needs. Beyond that, the scheme has gone on to tackle the more demanding but highly effective insulation of the walls from the outside, both front and rear.

The end result has transformed an inefficient leaky house into a far more comfortable dwelling, with much reduced heating bills.

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  • + Condensing boiler
  • + Double glazing
  • + Flue gas heat recovery
  • + Heating controls, room thermostat and TRVs
  • + LED lighting
  • + Loft insulation
  • + Solid wall insulation (external, front and rear)

Further information

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