3 Brewer Street

143 Brewer Street
Brighton BN2 3HH

Since Neil moved into this house in 2012, he has undertaken a number of measures to improve efficiency, such as overhauling the sash windows, draughtproofing, and generous loft insulation.

The Green Deal assessment, which was undertaken recently, has opened up a number of new ways to further reduce energy consumption. In particular, the installation of solid wall insulation externally has had a big impact on what was the biggest remaining area of heat loss; the walls. Whilst doing this work, it was decided to carefully replicate external mouldings and pediments on the new wall surfaces, in the interest of conserving period features and maintaining the handsome appearance of the house. Further detailing on draughtproofing, such as chimney balloons, has tackled the other main weakness of Victorian properties, ventilation losses.

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  • + Condensing boiler
  • + Draughtproofing
  • + Heat recovery unit
  • + Loft Insulation
  • + Solid wall insulation (external)
  • + Solid wall insulation (internal, basement)
  • + Underfloor insulation

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