27 Roundway

2127 Roundway
Brighton BN1 9AQ

Tom is a woodworker who has creatively transformed his semi detached post war house in Coldean. In the process he has created a house that can be heated virtually exclusively by renewable fuels, just using the sun and wood.

Having completely gutted the house two years ago, Tom made the ground floor open plan, bringing light and space into the main living area. Solar thermal panels provide hot water in summer and the wood burner heats the house and provides hot water in winter. It can be used for cooking too! Tom is currently building a timber frame shed, which when finished will feature a green roof.

Materials have been used ingeniously, with an emphasis on reuse and second hand sourcing for affordability. Rather than use masonry that has a high embodied energy, Tom prefers to use timber that is local or from certified sustainable sources.



  • + Grey water recycling
  • + Insulation
  • + Natural materials
  • + Solar thermal panels
  • + Woodburning stove

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