earthship brighton

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20Earthship Brighton
Stanmer Park, Brighton BN1 9PZ

The award winning Earthship Brighton was designed and built by the Low Carbon Trust as a project aiming to create a model passive solar, low carbon building for use as a community centre at Stanmer Organics in Stanmer Park.

Earthships are off-grid self-sufficient ‘green’ buildings, constructed using waste car tyres and other recycled materials. They use natural systems to provide all utilities – solar energy for heat and power, and rain for water. They heat and cool themselves, and use plants on site to treat sewage. They also employ extensive energy efficiency and water conservation measures, ensuring that the rainwater and renewable energy they harvest go as far as possible.

For more details of the project see www.lowcarbon.co.uk or the book Earthships: building a zero carbon future.

Meeting point for tours is outside Stanmer House and involve a short (10 minute) walk through the countryside to the Earthship.



Buses 23, 25, 25c to Stanmer Park entrance, 20 minute walk along park road or on grass. 78 to Stanmer Village (hourly bus)
Train Falmer Station and 30’walk


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  • + Grey water recycling
  • + Natural materials
  • + Photovoltaic panels
  • + Passive solar design
  • + Rainwater harvesting
  • + Solar thermal panels
  • + Wood burning stove
  • + Wind turbine

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