50 Southampton Street

1050 Southampton Street
Brighton BN2 9UT

Dani and Allie moved to Southampton Street in 1994. They have made a number of improvements designed to cut energy use including a new condensing boiler, deep loft insulation and part double glazing. They have been involved in, and motivated by, the excellent community based campaigns for reducing carbon emissions mounted by Hanover 10:10 and Hanover Action for Sustainable Living (HASL), and have a deep commitment to sustainable living.

Although they had wanted to externally insulate the walls for some time, this proved daunting due to cost and planning processes. However, the Green Deal assessment process has shown this to be achievable, coupled with Energy Company Obligation (ECO) grant assistance, and the front and rear have successfully been completed. This style of insulation is highly effective, not only in reducing losses, but also in increasing building comfort, by enabling the walls to store rather than lose heat.



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  • + Condensing boiler
  • + Draughtproofing
  • + Double glazing (part)
  • + Heating controls
  • + Loft insulation
  • + Solid wall insulation (external, front and back)

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