4 Whichelo Place

124 Whichelo Place
Brighton BN2 9XF

4 Whichelo Place is a typical Victorian three storey mid-terrace, solid wall house in the Hanover area of Brighton. The aim of Paul and Marion’s refurbishment (including loft extension) was to make the house much more comfortable (particularly in winter), while reducing energy consumption for space and water heating by at least 50%. These aims have been achieved by fitting good quality double glazing, external wall and internal floor insulation, new internal doors, a solar hot water system and a woodburning stove.

Post refurbishment monitoring demonstrates that not only is the house much more comfortable but the target for reduction of energy consumption has been met. The loft extension was constructed at the same time to a much higher than normal insulation specification. Natural materials and finishes such as lime render were used wherever practicable. The architects were ARCH angels.


Buses 18, 21, 23 to ‘Pepper Pot’ or 21, 22, 23 to ‘De Montfort Road’ in Elm Grove
Train Brighton ¾ mile

loft insulation


  • + Draughtproofing
  • + Energy efficiency
  • + External wall insulation
  • + High performance glazing
  • + Natural materials
  • + Solar thermal panels
  • + Woodburning stove

Further information

Case study (pdf)

Interview with owner Paul (5min) by Brighton Art