27 Roundway

1727 Roundway
Brighton BN1 9AQ

Tom is a woodworker who has imaginatively transformed his semidetached post war house in Coldean into a home that is heated virtually exclusively by renewable fuels; the sun and wood.

Having completely gutted the house, Tom made the ground floor open plan, bringing light and space into the main living area. Solar thermal panels provide hot water in summer and a woodburning stove heats the house and provides hot water in winter.

Tom has also added a large timber built workshop with a green wildflower roof. Materials have been used ingeniously, with an emphasis on reuse and secondhand sourcing. Rather than using high embodied energy masonry, Tom prefers to build with sustainable timber from local and FSC sources.



BUSES 24 (Coldean, Rushlake Road); 42, 44 (Big Lemon), 23, 25, 28, 29 (Coldean Lane)



  • + Food cultivation
  • + Green roof (on shed)
  • + Grey water recycling
  • + Loft insulation
  • + Rainwater recycling (in process)
  • + Recycled materials
  • + Solar thermal hot water
  • + Sustainable materials
  • + Triple glazing (DIY)
  • + Water conservation

  • + Woodburning stove (back boiler)

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