french house

French Eco Renovation Techniques:
interactive presentation

At Brighton Junction, 1A Isetta Square,
35 New England Street, Brighton BN1 4GQ

Presentation by Association R├ęgionale de Promotion de l'Eco-construction en Basse Normandie (ARPE) and Les Petits D├ębrouillards on French eco renovation techniques, used within three eco-renovation projects in Lower Normandy. All the projects use natural materials, including earth, lime, hemp and timber, and using wool insulation.

The projects centred on: a farmer developing a bed and breakfast business; an architect renovating their home; and an individual aiming to dramatically reduce their carbon footprint. The presentation demonstrates how you can reduce your carbon foot print, using "retro innovation", i.e. traditional techniques adapted for modern buildings.

The session includes interactive experiments with different aspects of building physics, including condensation, evaporation, cold and hot surfaces and thermal comfort. There was alsoa discussion of the benefits of external wall insulation versus internal wall insulation.


+ Insulation
+ Low water use toilet
+ Low water use shower
+ Natural materials
+ Solar thermal panels
+ Wood burning stove