hollingdean terrace

76 Hollingdean Terrace
Brighton BN1 7HA

Nigel and his family have been living in their 1930s end of terrace house since 2001. As a builder and roofer Nigel has always made home improvements, but about five years ago, faced with a water meter, teenagers wanting long showers, and rising utility bills, he approached the task of eco renovation with renewed vigour!

Nigel looked for ways of reducing water and energy use to accommodate his household, focusing on floor and roof insulation, air tightness, an efficient boiler and low energy electrical appliances. His greywater and rainwater recycling systems and aerated shower and taps have met the increasing demands for water with no complaints.

Nigel's approach has been very practical, applying small mindful solutions, observing the impact and tweaking for maximum efficiency. With a large house and a low budget this has kept things manageable, and flexible to the growing needs of his life and family.


+ Green roof
+ Grey water recycling
+ Insulation
+ Low water goods
+ Rainwater harvesting
+ Photovoltaic panels
+ Wood burning stove

hollingdean terrace

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