front of house

73 Wilbury Crescent
Hove BN3 6FH

Jeffery and Brenda have lived in their Edwardian terraced house for over 26 years. The family put a lot of effort into saving energy and water. Jeffery worked for Seeboard Electricity for 31 years and has a special interest in monitoring fuel consumption.

Now retired, Jeffery and Brenda have taken their conservation approach further installing double glazing, cavity wall insulation, loft insulation top up and solar water heating. In September 2011 twelve photovoltaic panels were installed, which produce 2.5kw when working flat out. Jeffery and Brenda used installers Southern Solar, a Lewes based company: 'the nicest contractors we've ever dealt with!'

Improvements were driven by a desire to reduce energy consumption and maintain comfort levels. They have resulted in lower energy costs and a carbon footprint that is reduced by about 75% from 8 tonnes a year to approximately 2 tonnes. Jeffery calculates that gas use is reduced by about 50% and in the first year after installation the PV panels have generated more electricity than has been imported from the grid.


+ Energy conservation
+ Energy monitoring
+ Insulation
+ Photovoltaic panels
+ Solar thermal panels


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