rear view

1a Whichelo Place
Brighton BN2 9XE

Jackie and Alan have lived in various houses in Brighton since 1992, but were increasingly 'fed up with living in cold, damp, draughty places, paying huge heating bills and constantly running up and down stairs'.

After completing a self-build course they decided to have their own house built 'as greenly as possible'. They looked around for a suitable site and successfully bid on the plot in Hanover at auction. They gained planning permission to build a bungalow and the project was completed in 2007.

The bungalow is a highly insulated timber frame building slightly set into the ground with underfloor heating throughout. It is very light and airy inside. Each room has its own roof light to provide natural light, reducing the need for artificial lighting. Designed by architect Simon Atkins, the house was built to 'Eco Homes' excellent standard. It has won several awards including Green Apple Silver and two eco house awards.


+ Condensing boiler
+ Grey water system
+ Green roof
+ Sheep's wool insulation
+ Solar thermal panels
+ Timber frame

green roof

Further information

Architects: abir Architects Ltd

Diagram of the of the grey water recycling system (designed by Aquaco)

Building Plan for the house scale 1:50 (large file - 1.3Mb)

Case study: background, features and suppliers