front view

10 Uplands Road
Brighton BN1 7FA

Keith and Krystyna’s 1980s split level house may not fit people’s preconceptions of an eco house, but what is inspiring about this property is the effect that a number of affordable changes have had on energy consumption.

The large Southeast facing windows, probably installed to enjoy the views, allow the morning sun to heat the house, as does the double glazed conservatory that has also been added. The house was built with little insulation so cavity wall insulation, thick loft insulation, double-glazing, insulated doors and draft proofing have been added throughout. Additionally thick lined curtains and blinds help to reduce heat loss at night and individual radiator thermostats have been added. Keith and Krystyna are convinced they need to heat the house much less though this would be hard to quantify since the measures have been implemented over a number of years and the amount of gas used to heat water may have changed as their daughter has grown up.


Further information

Case study: background, features and suppliers


+ passive solar design
+ heating controls
+ cavity wall insulation
+ recycled paper insulation
+ water meter
+ efficient boiler