tivoli copse

1 Tivoli Copse, Woodside Avenue, Brighton BN1 5NF

John and Maggie first moved into this detached five bedroom house 14 years ago and have been renovating different aspects over time. Recently they have insulated the external walls and ground floor – in order to reduce energy bills and increase the value of the house. The front wall has been externally insulated and then reclad with Thermowood pine timber cladding.

An issue with the house has been the annual painting that was required to maintain the timber façade, so it is anticipated that the new cladding will be lower maintenance.

Other walls have been insulated; the internal wall between the garage and lower hall and the cavity walls at the side and rear of the house have been filled. The ceiling/floor between the integral garage and rooms above has been insulated. Also, the windows have been upgraded from single glazing to 'A' rated double glazing, which are locally manufactured using Accoya wood, sustainably grown softwood that is pressure treated with vinegar to make it long lasting and durable.

As the house stands on the hills above Preston Park, it has some of the most amazing views in Brighton!


+ High performance glazing
+ Ground floor insulation
+ Natural materials
+ Solid wall insulation
+ Wood burning stove

tivoli copse view

Further information

Case study (pdf)